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> Q is for "Rules", Yay! I can spell!
Blue Protoman
 Posted: Jan 31 2008, 06:04 PM
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But seriously. Obey the rules, and take them seriously.

1. You can only spam in the Idiot Room. Anywhere else and, if it's a topic, it will be moved. If it's a post, you will be warned.

2. Don't be mean. If you're rude, belittle people, or insult them, you will be warned.

3. No porn or hentai. Immediate ban if you do so.

4. No duplicate acounts. If you create one, that account will be deleted. If you keep it up, your IP address will be suspended, so you can't log on from your PC.

5. Make sure people understand what you type. A little chat speak is fine, too much and the post will be edited.

6. Profanity is limited here. If you curse too much, you will be suspended or warned.

7. Post topics on the appropriate forums. If they aren't in the right ones, they will be moved.

8. No ROMs or discussion about them, except for the specified forum, and even then, it's still limited. Please see the rules of that forum for details.

9. No racism. NONE. We here at BP's Domain take racism very strictly. One racist joke, and you're done, no questions asked.

10. Please make sure your posts stay on-topic, unless specified otherwise in the Idiot Room.

11. Make sure that you keep personal topics in PMs. Even then, PMs are monitored.

12. No advertising, except in the specified forum. Even then, you can only advertise ONE website in that forum. An alternative method would be to put a link in your signature.

13. Do not make your signatures too long. Also, don't put too many images, and no Flash content. Too much stuff in your signature and it will slow down the page.

14. Administrators and moderators on this website reserve the right to edit, delete, or move your topics and/or posts. We also reserve the right to edit or delete your avatars and signatures.

15. You can't say "I didn't know about the rules" as an excuse. Newsflash: They're right here!

My 3 refs: A B C

I'm sorry about my absence. It was for personal reasons. Let's stop there.
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