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Silly -- don't mind me   ·   Silly -- You deserved it.   ·   TresChic -- Layton banned me... I'm Rage quitting.   ·   TresChic -- I want to meet Billy!   ·   HumanMeatPuppet -- Just came by to say that I like the new icon. k bye.   ·   Professor Layton -- Billy, my dear friend! It's been a long time! How has hell been treating you? Sell any home cleaning products to any demons?   ·   Billy Mays -- Ladies, gentlemen, and Professor Layton... I believe the time for a revolution is upon us. This domain was destined to return to its former glory.   ·   Silly -- Wel I must say, that is pretty accurate.   ·   Byron -- I fixed it. :)   ·   Silly -- Why don't I remember writing this? --->   ·   Silly -- Interests: My interests include eating pretzels with nutella, Professional rodeo clowning, critiquing pipe cleaner art on etsy, maintaining a site full of brainless zombies, and cyber stalking bceagles.   ·   Silly -- :(   ·   Byron --   ·   Silly -- Awww it lists chiroquackty. I went to one when I hurt my back and I feel much better.   ·   Byron -- Venn Diagram of Bollocks   ·  

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